Diabetic Shoes


Diabetic shoes are specially designed to offer protection for diabetic patients’ feet and can reduce the risk of skin breakdown. This happens when there is poor circulation, neuropathy and foot deformities. Diabetic neuropathy occurs in around 65% of people who suffer from diabetes and tends to damage the nerves in your legs and feet. This causes the patient to lose feeling in their extremities so you may not feel a temperature difference that could lead to serious infections or rubbing that causes complications in your feet. These common foot problems can lead to these conditions: calluses/corns, blisters, dry skin, diabetic ulcers, or ingrown toenails. Many of these complications above can be prevented and treated by wearing the protective diabetic shoes, socks and follow a proper foot care routine. Diabetic shoes are seamless inside and have extra depth for more toe room. These inserts are also lightweight, and custom made for each client. Patients who experience hammer toe or bunions also have seen an improvement in their walking with custom inserts.

Here are some tips to follow to ensure your feet will stay healthy:

  • Daily inspect the bottom of your feet using a mirror. Check for any cuts, sores, or ulcers.
  • Washing your feet daily make sure the water is lukewarm to a finger touch.
  • Try not to expose your feet to extreme heat or cold.
  • Wearing diabetic socks can also help with protection. These socks are also seamless, non-constricting and also made with soft yarn.
  • Having insoles made specifically for your feet ensuring extreme comfort and support in all the right places your feet need.
  • Keep up your activity! This keeps your blood supply flowing continuously to your legs and feet.
  • Visit your physician on a regular basis so they are able to inspect your feet thoroughly.

Anytime you notice something new or different call your doctor immediately and get it checked out.

The shoes we have are not only for diabetics. There are multiple conditions that can benefit from these shoes are arthritis, back pain, bunions, hammer toe, knee and hip pain, neuropathy and planter fasciitis.

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